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Hey there EXPLORERS, I just wanted to release a little post to update you guys on some things that will be implemented onto the server!

After a lot of talking to staff members & players we have decided to use some Cosmic Custom Enchantments as well as making our own 'Plaza Custom Enchantments'. We think that by doing this the server will feel more unique and won't be like most of those other custom enchant servers out there! We are currently accepting suggestions on what kind of enchantments you guys would like. By this, I mean what type of effects and/or debuffs you would get from using a specific enchantment on your armor/weapons/tools.

We have decided to cap the max custom enchantments allowed on an item at 4. This will make players have to choose very carefully when applying an enchant to an item. This will also make gkits be harder to create and harder to come by. WE DO NOT SELL GKITS! THERE WILL BE NO /GKIT!

We have also got a plugin that allows players to upgrade/stack their spawners. There is, of course, a cap on spawners and currently, we are thinking that the cap should be at around 3 spawners stacked. Stacking spawners will make more mobs spawn and them spawning quicker! For example, placing down 3 individual spawners would be worse than just stacking 3 spawners. You will be able to upgrade spawners but for a large amount of cash.
To stack spawners, you simply just have to right click a spawner in your hand onto an identical mob spawner that is already placed in the world!

This is all for now because I am short on time but there will be more updates coming to you guys soon
- Arlind_ <Server Founder>
PlazaMC Rules:

  1. Do not swear; do not bypass the swear filter at all, either to swear in general or towards others. Censoring letters within a swear word is not allowed; however, use of certain abbreviations is acceptable.
  2. Do not use racist or derogatory terms; do not use any racist or derogatory terms at all, even if the word has a different meaning.
  3. Do not use sexual terms; do not use any sexual terms at all, even if the word has a different meaning.
  4. Do not spam; do not spam the same/ multiple messages for malicious/ disruptive intent. This may also include full capitalization, private message spam, spam bots, commands and regular spam.
  5. Do not post inappropriate content; do not message any inappropriate links in chat. This includes pornographic images, ‘screamers’, and any other malicious links.
  6. Do not use threaten or blackmail other users; do not use threats against other members. This may include terroristic, sexual, DDoS or cyber threats.
  7. Do not release personal information; do not release other users personal or sensitive information. This includes a ‘Dox’ on other members.
  8. Do not use inappropriate skins, usernames and builds; do not use any inappropriate skins or usernames that may contain sexual, racial or offensive meaning/ terms. This also includes offensive builds.
  9. Do not use inappropriate nicknames; do not use any inappropriate nicknames that may contain sexual, racial or offensive meaning/ terms. This includes very long nicknames that are purposely over 12 characters (if your username is past 12 then that is fine but if you link words together such as 'CideIsTheVerySuperBest', that isn't allowed).
  10. Do not disrespect other members or the server; do not act disrespectfully towards other members, including using offensive terms against them. This includes staff members.
  11. Do not ‘hackusate’; do not accuse other members of hacking. Instead, contact a staff member or make a forum report on...
This is our first ever announcement here on the PlazaMC Forums!
We just wanted to announce something so it isn't empty :) (jokingg)
On a serious note, we will be posting a lot of updates on here. If you are on our discord then all announcements posted in the announcement channel will be posted on here. If you haven't joined our discord then join @ https://plazamc.org/discord.

We have a ton of ideas that we have for the server but we are always open to more so be sure to post them in the Suggestions section of the forum.

There will be more updates coming very soon,

- Arlind - OWNER & FOUNDER